Your order in 2 - 4 days

The fresher your fruit, the better the flavor and quality. That's why we operate our own express tracking system offering delivery throughout the Europe in 2- 4 days.

In 2-4 days

At the order table (link a order table), you can see the delivery time according to the order day.

Freshness Guarantee

Our citrus is picked, packed and shipped quickly to guarantee freshness and taste when it arrives. Our citrus is guaranteed fresh upon delivery, every time! it’s a natural product, we don't add any treatment to improve its appearance or flavour.

The flavour and scent of this great citrus will take you from your house to our fields in the heart of Sierra Calderona, which is achieved by letting our oranges ripen on the tree.

Our online oranges are available from late October through June, and during orange season are picked at peak of ripeness, gift packed with extreme care and shipped directly to your door! No matter if you are in Paris, Ireland, Madrid or Brussels, we promise you’ll receive a crate of citrus that surpasses all your expectations!